Friday, May 18, 2018


I'm busy thinking about putting my "serious conversation" blog posts together as a book. As they are currently posted on The Buddha Diaires, you'd have to stitch them together starting with the oldest in order to get a sense of the development of the whole. I have also done some significant changes to the texts that I originally wrote, so the book--assuming that it happens--will be an easier and more coherent read than a disconnected series of blog posts.

The text itself is about 60 pages, and needs the addition of flyleafs, acknowledgements and so on. It will also need a cover, and I have already begun working with an artist friend to put together some ideas. In fact, it occurred to me this morning that we might do something more collaborative, in the form of another, analogous "conversation" between word and image, writer and artist. So I'll be watching for the development of possibilities.

I find myself, almost to my surprise, more excited by this project than I imagined I might be. I feel pleased with the text as I have written it, and I'm beginning to think this could be something more than the little chapbook I had originally envisioned. There is not much else engaging me at the moment, so this comes along as a welcome project at precisely the right time. As things so often do.

Please stay tuned. I think I'll have something really pleasurable to offer you, when the time comes.

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