Thursday, May 10, 2018


My unconscious mind came up with an interesting idea for my meditation group this morning as I sat in meditation. And not only for my group, of course; for myself, too. It would come only after a half hour or so of silent breathing, when the mind is already relaxed and clear.

Here it is:

Create a mental image of that part of yourself that you like least, admire the least. The ugly part. The part you'd wish to rid yourself of. The one that is angry, hateful, mean-spirited, selfish, fearful, small-minded, filled with spite or rancor... Sit with that person for a while, allowing him or her full expression... Rest in contemplative attention. Then, from a full heart, extend your blessing to that person, and if necessary your forgiveness. When you're ready, return your attention to the breath.

It seems to me that the acknowledgement of my ugly self--even embracing him--is an important step toward affording him release.

If you're reading this, consider these words an invitation to give it a try--and let me know how it works out for you. You'll find me either here, in the comments section, or at my personal email address: peter no space clothier at mac dot com. Okay? I'll be grateful for your thoughts.

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