Monday, May 28, 2018


What a profound pleasure to sit with our Laguna Bach sangha again yesterday! There are three of us who have been sitting together on Sunday mornings for more than twenty years. And there are still others who joined us many years ago; and other more recent arrivals. We gong ourselves in and sit for an hour in silence, then spend the next hour in the kind of conversation that we too often miss these days--a conversation that goes deep into hearts and minds and leaves us all feeling enriched by the experience. I speak for myself, of course, but I imagine that it surely the same for all of us.

I used to be more regular in attendance than I am these days, now that the addition of a grandson in Los Angeles keeps us up there for more weekends than we used to. The old pattern was to come down to Laguna virtually every week for a long weekend; nowadays, we tend to choose a week or ten days at the end of the month. When I'm up in town on a Sunday, I miss my Laguna Beach sangha. When I'm down here, it is always a joy. It is because I miss it so much that I started my own sitting group up in Los Angeles, and that is a new, and similar, and different kind of joy.

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