Friday, June 15, 2018


I'm working on a piece that will be called "WWBD: What would Buddha do?" I'm thinking about this awful mess we're in, about how to maintain a semblance of equanimity, about how to talk and write about the political situation while maintaining a respect for Right Speech.

The actor Robert de Niro gave utterance to the feelings of many of us at the Tony Awards last week, with his outburst of obscenity. I find it hard to fault his language when it speaks for what I myself so intensely feel in my heart and gut. To judge from the reaction of his audience--a spontaneous roar of approval and a standing ovation--he hit upon the same nerve that many of us share, the same thing many of us want to say out loud, if only to release some small part of our pent-up frustration.

And yet... de Niro's is not the path we need to take if we're to succeed in returning to sanity, ethical behavior and compassion in our country. So I'm thinking about this, asking myself: What would Buddha do? What would Buddha say? And thinking to share my thoughts when I have them organized and written down...

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