Saturday, November 3, 2018


As I sat in meditation this morning I became aware of the insistent and repeated honking of a car horn somewhere in the neighborhood. And no, it was not a car alarm, because it was not quite regular enough for that. And in my distress and fear over next Tuesday's election, my mind came up with the notion that I should be going out there and driving around my neighborhood streets with a bullhorn, honking my horn at that early hour of the morning and shouting through my bullhorn, "WAKE UP, AMERICA! YOUR COUNTRY IS BEING STOLEN WHILE YOU SLEEP!"

But of course I didn't do it. I just returned to meditation, came back to the breath, and instead sent out goodwill and compassion to my adopted country. If I were a Christian (see yesterday's entry in The Buddha Diaries) I suppose I would be praying.

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