Friday, July 31, 2020


I have nothing but respect for the teachings of the dharma. This how I would wish to lead my life. But the realities of this country and the world are such, at this moment, that my mind is overwhelmed with powerful, obsessive feelings of anger, fear and grief. It feels to me inadequate to be struggling with the cultivation of my own peace of mind when I am surrounded by the surging forces of duplicity, corruption, cruelty, exploitation and oppression. I find myself beset with thoughts, desires, intentions which are incompatible with the teachings that have inspired me in the past, and the actions available to me seem puny in the face of so much human suffering and turmoil. This morning, as I sat and tried to focus my attention on the breath, these thoughts kept returning to my consciousness. I try reminding myself that any inner peace I find can be sent out and shared with others, tiny ripples, the beating of the butterfly wing in one small corner of the world that reverberates throughout the universe. Small comfort to my infinitely small and singular mind--a mind at constant risk of surrendering to the current state of chaos.


Rosamund said...

Thank you, Peter, for your generosity and your concern for all. I do believe that what we are going through now must be the only way to bring us back to a more healthy world. It will take time, there's a lot that has to be remedied & that doesn't happen overnight. In the meantime, we are here for each other. With love!

Unknown said...

Peter, This moment is a test, a visible warning, and a fortunate awakening. Our work renews, as truth will always prevail.