Friday, December 11, 2020


After 17 years without a federal execution," according to a report in The Guardian today, "the Trump administration has executed nine inmates since July, and plans five more executions before Joe Biden takes office on 20 January. " The execution, this morning, of Brandon Bernard, is yet another instance of the spirit of vindictiveness and cruelty that characterizes the man who occupies our Oval Office, along with his administration and the millions of Americans who will continue to cheer him on--despite, or because of this act of "civilized" barbarity. Even more than the loss of a single life, I mourn the growing absence of civility and compassion in my adopted country. I watch in grief and horror as humanity itself is led toward the execution chamber.


Marie Smith said...

That man is evil! Imagine if there wasn’t any check on his power. It’s bad enough as it is.

Dr Michelle Frantom (aka Mad Fish Designs aka Dr Grafix) said...

The recent execution by injection of a Negro man came up in my Facebook feed. It horrified me. This vindictive and wanton cruelty characterises Trump's presidency. I really hope karma is a 'thing' and he gets to confront his awfulness.

JoAnn Anglin said...

This is truly sickening. The cold bloodedness of it makes it more horrifying than the crime for which the man was initially sentenced.