Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It's a strange feeling. We have just bought ourselves a day of time. Our plan had been to leave in good time this morning for the drive down to San Diego, for a visit with Ellie's sister and an opportunity to see the two-part Pacific Standard Time show at the two branches of the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art. But late afternoon yesterday, we changed our minds. There is so much stress around the holidays already, we did not need this extra demand upon our resources; easy enough to postpone until next week. Tomorrow, our daughter arrives with our new grandson, to spend the rest of the week; and, on Christmas Eve, Luka's dad and an unknown number of his family. There are dishes to be planned and prepared, presents to be wrapped--and, in some cases, still to be shopped-for and bought. Enough, we decided, was enough.

So now we have a whole unanticipated day of time. What a luxury! Thus far, we have relaxed in bed with the New York Times and George, the dog. George is, of course, unaware of his reprieve: he will not have to spend the entire day by himself, and will likely get his customary play time up in the park. He is sleeping blissfully. I will probably, eventually, bestir myself and head down to the gym for an hour's workout. I plan to finish reading the book that has been sent me for review. Outside the bedroom door that looks out onto the patio, the sun is shining in a pleasantly blue sky; the weather is cool and clear. It looks like a good day to have bought some thus far unencumbered time.

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claire browne del mar said...

What a treat for you! And on the Solstice day - a day of quiet.

Enjoy the holidays with all....