Friday, August 3, 2012


Interesting that I was complaining yesterday about the absence of real dialogue between people who disagree--and immediately found myself engaged in one on Facebook.  I'm not sure that I can link to it, or how to direct you to it otherwise, but Facebook users might be able to track this conversation with my friend, Bob, is is certainly at the opposite end of the political spectrum from myself.  I'm more than glad to have the opportunity to hear from someone who so completely disagrees with me, especially a friend as old as Bob, and a man I know to be of great integrity.  I have been trying to find common ground, a place of agreement--thus far, I have to say, without success.  Bob waves the Constitution, I worry about the poor and the sick amongst us.  He stands on principle, in other words; I'm focused on human suffering.  I want to find out how he thinks we can address it as a society, short of the lecture about personal responsibility.  No resolution yet.  The debate continues...  Perhaps I'll find some way to sure it, if my friend Bob agrees.

One thing is clear, from the Buddhist point of view: not everyone with whom we disagree is a bad person.  People can genuinely hold beliefs that are contrary to our own; it does not mean that they are dishonest, insensitive, or stupid.  They merely see things from a different angle than ourselves.  And still I find it hard to get my head around the fact that people are so angry about the effort to assure the availability of health care for every citizen!  See what I mean?

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