Wednesday, September 5, 2012


... back in Los Angeles.  It rained this morning!  Very briefly, just a quick shower, but quite unexpected.  We hear there is a major fire raging in the mountains just to the east of us.

It will take a while to settle back in to our usual routine.  For the moment, everything seems very rushed, and the catch-up formidable.  There was a mountain of mail awaiting us, along with the accumulated office work.  And today is already a Luka day, so there will be little time for the chores.  Little Luka, we heard yesterday, has just started to crawl.  He has been gearing up for this for a few weeks now, and all the pent-up desire to get moving is now about to flood forth.  Time to baby-proof the house!

So, with time pressing, I'll leave you today with the request to hop on over to Vote Obama 2012, where I have jotted down some thoughts about Michelle Obama's speech that I have not seen or heard elsewhere.  My piece is called The Same Man.  Please visit, read, comment, submit an entry...

Metta to all.  Metta to the Democrats at their convention.  Metta, gulp!, to Republicans.  May they find compassion in their hearts.

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