Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Our B&B...

We slept late, mercifully, and spent the morning catching our breath from the previous couple of days’ exertion.  Met up with the family again at noon for a drive out of town to a Chinese restaurant for a celebratory birthday lunch , hosted by Matthew and the birthday girl herself.  It’s actually also Matthew’s birthday in a few days, so I guess the celebration covered both occasions.  Returned home for a brief rest, then out for a pleasant walk in the country—a little shorter than we had intended, but there was packing to be done ready for the journey on to Brussels.

A spectacular sunset this evening!

Before dinner, we had arranged for a Skype session with Sarah, Luka and Ed, somewhat marred by poor transmission at our end or poor reception at theirs: we could see them fine, but they had only a blurred image.  At least we could talk, and it was great to be in touch.  Luka looking his usual handsome self!

Ellie having volunteered us to cook dinner, we had stopped at the local Waitrose to buy hamburger meat and buns, along with salad makings, a couple of bottles of wine—and ice cream for dessert.  Matthew was appointed by Diane to make the fries, and the communal effort produced a perfectly acceptable dinner for the whole family.  The children will be off to school in the morning, so we had to say our goodbyes to them when they went off to bed.  We’ll see them again in a week or so, when we get back from our Belgian tour. 

This entry is pre-written on the Eurostar, speeding through the south east corner of England.  I had expected to have wi-fi on the train, but as it turns out—no such luck,  I’ll have to transcribe and post when we get to our hotel in Brussels.

The family--Alice, Georgia and Joe, in order...

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robin andrea said...

Sounds like you and Ellie are getting acclimated. Good! Such a lovely family, and a beautiful sunset!