Wednesday, November 7, 2012


... went up at our house when Obama's victory in Ohio was first announced.  We had a good crowd of friends and neighbors over for a pot luck evening, to watch the election results as they came in.  There was another great shout, an hour and a half later, when Mitt Romney appeared at the podium to make his concession speech.  It started out uncomfortably close to derision, but the feeling changed to sympathy, I think, as Romney gave what we all agreed was the most honest and believable speech of the entire election cycle.  He revealed more about himself in last night's words than he had in months of debates and public speeches.

The Republicans, I believe, shot themselves in the foot by hewing so far to the right.  They were defeated as much by their own intemperate words as by the words of their opponents, and Mitt Romney was no exception.  By the time it came, his embrace of moderate values was simply unbelievable, especially when accompanied by those lies generated, it seemed, by sheer desperation; he came undone Ohio, surely, because of the reiterated falsehoods about the export of Jeep jobs to China. In a weak economy, only now beginning to show signs of recovery, the far right wing of the Republican party willfully destroyed their chances of success with their own intransigence.

What a speech Obama gave!  Congratulations to him, and to his campaign team.  And what a great spectacle, for those of us who supported him, when the families gathered on the stage.  A great tip of the hat to the "Happy Warrior," his vice-president.  And heart-warming hugs all around--hugs that were in no short supply in our own small gathering.

Now the work begins.  If Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's ungenerous statement last night is an indication of the further obstructionism Obama can expect, his work will be cut out for him.  My hope is that Republicans will now be looking toward the next election, with the conclusion that further obstruction will not only be of disservice to the nation, but also subvert their own political chances.  It will be to their advantage to show good faith to the American people by getting the people's work done.

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CHI SPHERE said...

15 Our family was jumping for joy as well. Our collective efforts as a nation to overcome the recessions deep economic woes is beginning to gain ground. Obstructionism is not of any value to the citizens of any country. It is a reflection of the weakest and most self serving behavior that humankind can exhibit. No one is served well by disengagement.

This is a quintessential moment in the history of our democracy. The world is one place. Democracy is breaking out within the Arab states and in many other locations on earth. Democracy is best when people work together to achieve universal problems.
Mitch McConnell is helping no one within his party when he issues such a disingenuous statement as he did last night. The GOP is still living in the 20th Century.

It was not only the number of people who voted for Obama and his party that won the election. The Obama camp used all the social media one would expect a 21st Century party to deploy to reach the very audience needed to capture a win for all of America. The win was designed to be a success. Good planning creates progress. Sour grapes make the wine bitter.

On Sunday I worked a phone bank for Obama. Many calls were designed to convert independent voters and some to convert Republicans. I was thanked by some, some shouted vile and unrepeatable language at me, some just hung up, some were not convinced that their vote was of value and many just didn't care. I left the phone bank very worried that I did not do as much as I should have.

I am very confident that now the work that must continue throughout the world to bring people together to solve universal problems will make better progress this year than it did last year. I feel that Barack Obama is one of the wisest and calmest leaders we have known for many decades. He will not have an easy day any day during the rest of his second term. The job is not for those who lack conviction, backbone or a sense of purpose. We are led by the many who represent us in schools as teachers and students, as caring parents, as firemen, police, TSA workers, farmers, engineers, transportation workers, artists, child care givers, and a myriad of others who day in and day out do their best work by practicing Metta.

We are blessed by unity, caring, listening to our children, family and neighbors and most of all we are blessed by listening to our own hearts and souls. Today is a good day to celebrate our national pride and good sense that reelected a gifted and articulate person to work with and for us for 4 more years. I am proud to be an American today!