Sunday, December 15, 2013


I'm sad to have to admit that--since starting the new novel, I think--I have done very little in the way of reading many of those blogs I truly like, and have neglected the important work of keeping my blogroll up-to-date.  And hereby announce my intention to self to take some time in the coming week  to attend to this.  One addition will certainly be my friend Carol Es's "bloggie," where you'll find a fascinating, sometimes funny, reliably quirky record of an artist's process, along with images of work in progress and work completed.

Assisting me in this work will be our new (very!) part-time assistant, Maggie, who has already proved her mettle in several days of work with both Ellie and myself.  We've begun the process of cleaning up and organizing the confusion of documents and programs in the cyberspace of our computers; AND cleaning up and organizing the physical space of our offices.  But there remains a great deal to be done.

Did I mention that Ellie and I had made a date last Wednesday to stop by the Apple store to upgrade our cell phones to the new iPhone model?  Which we did, with resulting chaos in our email accounts.  We returned to the store yesterday, to the genius bar, but none of the resident geniuses was able to get our email up and running again.  With their help, we climbed further and further up the Apple telephone help lines, ending up with a senior advisor who threw up her hands and passed us on to the folks in engineering.  They promise to get back to us, hopefully with a solution, in a couple of days.  The whole thing is what the senior advisor described, with notable understatement, as "odd."

So, for anyone trying to contact Ellie via email, forget her usual email address and contact her through mine, which seems to be working passably well.  Meantime, awaiting further word from the upper level geniuses at Apple, we must exercise the good Buddhist quality of patience.

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Ayin Es said...

Peter, thank you so much for mentioning my bloggie on your post, and for its future appearance on your blogroll. I very much appreciate it! :)