Friday, September 22, 2017


John McCain JUST announced his opposition to Graham-Cassidy, the latest Republican effort to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act. Good for him.

But what is astounding is that almost every other Republican senator is falling in line behind this deplorable attempt to deprive vast numbers of Americans of affordable health insurance. And why? Health providers, professional associations, and a huge majority of voters are opposed to it. Republican politicians are virtually alone in their eagerness and haste to undo even this minimal program that Obama managed to get through. The only possible reason I can see is precisely that: it was Obama's program. It's an act of hatefulness and spite, not of leadership.

My hope--along with that of the millions who want and in many cases desperately need the ACA--is that at least one other "no" vote will be forthcoming to save it. Susan Collins? Lisa Murkowski? Your country needs you now.

It has come to this? Really? That the fate of America's health is now in the hands of a single United States senator? Where are the men and women of conscience and compassion, the ones we need in our two legislative houses? Is party allegiance the only thing that counts--even when what the party proposes flies in the face of reason and good sense?

Shame on Mitch McConnell and his knee-jerk Republicans, for bringing us to this deplorable point in our national history! Shame on them for eight years of mindless, ruthless, senseless opposition to a president who still fought the good fight for the American people! Shame on them for their petty partisanship!

Thank you, John McCain. But what about the rest of you, Republican senators? It's time to grow up, act like adults, put party behind country, give personal attention to the needs of your constituents and vote your conscience--assuming that you have one!

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