Wednesday, December 6, 2017


As an addendum to my yesterday's regretful post about Republicans, I note that their subcommittee on the Judiciary yesterday approved the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act for a full House vote this week. The bill will allow concealed weapons laws from any one state to apply in all others--meaning that a concealed-carry buff from Georgia, where the laws are permissive, would be free to wander the streets of Manhattan with a gun under his belt. What could possibly go wrong in this scenario?

Nobody in his or her right mind would wish to have more guns around in our streets--and parks, and schools, and churches!--except, it seems, Republicans in the House of Representatives. The bill, of course, is being pushed by the NRA, which in turn reflects the wishes of the gun industry. To increase their profits, they want to sell yet more guns, in a country where the possession of firearms is already unconscionably easy and where lethal weapons abound.

Just yesterday I abandoned the Middle Path to accuse Republicans of bearing the greater part of responsibility for the shameful inaction--or, in many cases, actions--of our government, which no longer heeds the needs or wishes of this country's people. This act is but further evidence of their bad faith. What we are pleased to call our "democracy" has become a sham, when our politicians obey the dictates of profiteers rather than the people they are elected to represent.

With so much harmful malfeasance in our political world, it is finally time to forsake the Middle Path and name its source. I urge my readers to contact their representatives in the US Congress with the demand that they vote NO on this shameful capitulation to the gun industry.

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