Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Why is it that I'm having so many dreams these days? More to the point, why is it that I'm remembering so many of them?

We must escape from a repressive regime. There are a number of us, a group, infected by great fear and a sense of urgency. I wonder if we are Jews, but then I'm not a Jew, unless in an honorary capacity. But we must escape...

There is an organization that helps people like us who need to escape. We are gathered together and escorted to the door to what appears to be a small closet. Inside, the floor of the closet lifts up like an escape hatch, giving access to a space below. We file down the steps, unsure what to expect next, and find ourselves in a small room, like a cosy den, nicely carpeted and lined with rows of bookshelves filled with books. There are easy chairs and, I think perhaps a fireplace.

It's here we gather, talking among ourselves, and wondering what will be the next step in our journey...

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