Wednesday, February 12, 2020


I have made an appointment with a psychiatrist. Or rather, it seems he has made the appointment with me. Apparently I did not listen too closely to the location, instead assuming it to be in a building on Sunset Boulevard with which I was familiar. Nor did I pay close attention to the doctor's name, but Ellie recognized him as being married to a well-known movie actress.

I leave for the appointment in the car before realizing that I'm not exactly sure which building on Sunset I'm going to. There are a number of high-rises in the area. Even if I find the right building, I realize now, it will have many floors and many doctors' offices. Without knowing his name, how will I ever find him?

I have an idea. If I call Ellie, perhaps she will remember his famous wife's name and can look her up on the Internet. Her biography might mention the husband's name. Then I could find it by searching though the building directory. If I have the right building, which is by no means certain.

But this does not look like the Sunset Boulevard I know. There is now a light rain coming down. A woman is play ball, or perhaps frisbee, right there on the street, and doesn't even bother to step out of the way of my car. I have to drive around her.

And I now realize that I have no way to honor the appointment, and I feel bad about this. I am usually more attentive to details,

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