Friday, February 12, 2021


This morning I woke early with words in my head. I could not get back to sleep without finding what they wanted to say and committing them to memory, so that they'd not be lost by morning. I have been working toward completion of a new book, and these words came to me as the...


To those who love
& those who have been loved

To those who touch
& those who have been touched

To those who hold
& those who have been held

To those who posses
& those possessed

To those who need
& those whom others need

To those who use
& those whom others use

To those abused
& those who are abused

May we all find
forgiveness, redemption
and restoration of lost innocence
in our hearts


Marie Smith said...


Welcome back.

Peter Clothier said...

Thanks, Marie. I'm trying to finish the second draft of a novel I've been working on, so The Buddha Diaries has been unceremoniously shunted aside in recent days, um... weeks. Cheers!