Sunday, April 29, 2007

One Day Blog Silence

I do plan to participate in the "One Day Blog Silence" tomorrow. The Buddha Diaries will go dark. The notion for the day of silence was prompted by the rampage of violence on the Virginia Tech campus, but my own observation is motivated also by the needless death of more British and American soliders this weekend in Iraq; and by the mindless murder of innocent people throughout the world, particularly the civilians being slaughtered in sectarian violence in Iraq and those suffering from the latest inexcusable episode of genocide in Darfur. Having just read the Jeffrey Gettleman article in today's New York Times "Week in Review" about the recruitment and abuse of children as killers in several African nations, I include these boys and their victims in my intention to observe the day of silence.


PK said...

With all that's going on, a day of silence would be nice, a day of rest for all would even be nicer...

carly said...

P: It's not quite Monday.

Had a good time today with George. I can see why you're so close to him. Carly says, "He's a doll."

There is some good info and good ideas at this Buddhist community:

Happy silence day.