Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Buddha Diaries Recommends: A Little Off Kilter

TBD Recommends: A Little Off Kilter
Author: Citizen of the World

[Before going ahead with this review, we'd like to draw immediate attention to one of the cutest puns in the blogosphere. Click here (we won't spoil it).]

Here at The Buddha Diaries, we're asking ourselves, how did we miss this one for so long?

A Little Off Kilter
has a great deal to recommend itself to TBD and its readers: serene nature photography, a healthy dose of skepticism, a profound appreciation for life, a taste for controversy, and (perhaps best of all) an oft-expressed willingness to make fun of Christmas! (or, to be more precise, of the commercialization and silliness of the modern American celebration thereof).

Juggling work and motherhood in the wake of a fairly recent separation, Citizen of the World clearly thrives on her blog as an emotional release valve. This verve shows in the care and candor she puts into her frequent entries, and into the assiduous development of her online community. This entry, a full-throated defense of her right to blog, is a fascinating example of how the internet can open doors of intimacy, to others and to one's own best self.

Despite frequent discussion of tough emotional issues, the author's playfulness bubbles up like a force of nature in this blog, which she maintains might be a result of her frequent exposure (as a psychologist) to the intense psychological suffering of her patients.

A Little Off Kilter offers a fine example of how the internet (as a kind of "stage") can polish and highlight the impressive artistic talents of those who don't desire to make their living through their art. It comes highly recommended.


Mark said...

Thanks for the tip! Her style of writing and perspective on life makes me feel a bit more justified and a bit less crazy in being who I am amidst this crazy, messed up world. A good find.

citizen of the world said...

This is really funny - I was working my way down through my google reader list and when I saw the sitting Santa, I thought, "Hey! I have that very card! Oh! It's about me!" Thank you for that lovely review, it truly made my day. You made me smile and warmed my heart even in the the midst of a migraine. Thanks!

Cardozo said...

"Justifiably crazy." I like that. Actually it pretty much sums up my take on life. "Guilty with an Explanation" is another way to put it.

Glad we could provide a moment of relief. You've made many days yourself with your candid, funny and touching work.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I've been reading her blog(s) for a long time and my life is richer for it. Everything you say is true.

She is one of the great ones -- smart, funny, sensitive, and a terrific photographer.