Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Also From Windsor: Hillary and Barack

A quick note: It occurred to me this morning during meditation, as I was sending metta to Hillary and Barack (as I also do to John McCain), that what Hillary and Barack should be saying to those who vote for them is this: "I do not want your vote unless you can ALSO vote for my opponent.  I realize that this is partly about me and who I am, but it should also be for what I represent, and what I represent is mostly shared with my opponent."   

I would like to hear this primarily from Hillary, so many of whose supporters are reported to be saying that they will not vote for the other Democratic candidate in any circumstances, and who seems to be using that sentiment as political capital.  But also from Barack.  From what I understand, these voters are fewer on his side, but he needs to be discouraging their partisanship, too.  

Say this then, loudly, publicly, unambiguously and often: "Okay, I love the passion.  I'm honored by your commitment and support.  But this is about ideas for averting the catastrophe that awaits us if we get another four years of Bush delays and prevarications more importantly than it is about me.  Please DO NOT cast your vote for me, unless you can ALSO vote for my opponent--as I most certainly will do."  

Metta to all, including John McCain and his supporters.  May all of us find the wisdom of true happiness in our lives...  


Anonymous said...

Just catching up with you. I made my way through Heathrowa few weeks ago, but only as a way station. I wish both Hillary and Barck WOULD say that, but I don't see it happening.

roger said...

it is devoutly to be desired, or something like that. i'm not holding my breath.