Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From Windsor

Okay, we made it across the pond. A long flight, leaving Los Angeles around 2PM and arriving today at Heathrow at about 7:30 in the morning. Very little sleep. Instead of heading in to London for our two-day stopover, we had arranged to come to Windsor--a closer, easier, and much less expensive option, so here we are at our B & B a stone's throw from the queen's ex-urban abode. (She's not here, otherwise the Royal Standard would be flying over the castle, rather than the Union Jack.) We took a walk into town after leaving our bags, and returned for a brief nap before my sister, Flora

arrived to join us for lunch with Charlotte, her daughter...

... And her grandson, Hugo. Here he is, a handsome lad...

A very poor lunch--and hideously expensive--at a restaurant with a fine view of the castle and very little else to recommend it, and coffee and dessert on the way back here. Finally online, we're just now catching up with the election results from last night, and will soon, I hope, be catching up with some lost sleep. More tomorrow, less grouchy, I hope... and all being well with my connection.

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