Friday, December 19, 2008


Could somebody please help me? I'm no mathematical genius, and I STILL don't get it. Where did those fifty billion go? I keep hearing that they "disappeared" or "vanished", but surely, like that pea under the shell, all that money has to be somewhere. Does fifty billion simply evaporate into thin air? Could it be that Bernie stashed it away in some Swiss bank account? Under his mattress? By the same token, if I "lose money" from an investment, where does it go? Into someone else's pocket? Forgive my stupidity, but it's a mystery to me.

Unless... Of course. I guess the Buddha was right, again. It looks real enough, but it turns out to be nothing but an illusion.

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robin andrea said...

It didn't disappear, what ever part of it was real went from one pocket into another. It depended when you got in line and out. Bernie has some of it. People who cashed their assets early got some of it. The rest of it was illusion, in that the 10-15% return on assets was a lie, and the later depositors were used to pay the earlier.