Sunday, December 13, 2009

From the Heart

(I persist! Please order my book today, if you have not already done so! Thank you!)

I absolutely love this image, created by the artist Gabriel Orozco. It's called...

... "My Hands Are My Heart." I first saw it years ago and fell in love with at once.

What do I love about it? I loves its irreducible simplicity--and its extraordinary complexity. I love the sheer beauty of it, the rhyme between the humanity and the clay, between the maker and the object made. I love the warm, rich color. I love the humanity of the gesture, the way the fingers close, and open. It love the shape and substance of the heart, in the place of the heart, at the center of the chest. I love the masculinity and the femininity of it, all at once. I love its physical generosity and its generosity of spirit. I love the way it offers itself to my eyes, without reserve.

Enough reasons? Those are mine. In invite you to find your own. Have a good Sunday!


Jean said...

I've ordered my copy! I was so impressed by your publisher's quick and kind response to my request for international shipping info. Gosh, caring personal service from a small business just means so much, doesn't it, in the context of the impersonal global marketplace we all experience every day? I think publishers like your friend and other small print and online publishers I'm privileged to know are the future for many of the kind of books I care about.

robin andrea said...

Yes, yes everything you love about this I love too. It's so beautiful and expressive. Warm and sensual. The hands doing the heart's work. The heart informing the hands. The color of clay, the color of skin. Lovely.

PeterAtLarge said...

Thank you, Jean. And thanks of my publisher, who was delighted when I forwarded him your compliment. I hope that "Persist" lives up to your hopes for it.