Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Forgive me if, today, I toot my own horn unabashedly--and boldly ask for your help...

Yesterday, anticipating the imminent arrival of my new book off the press, I launched my personal PR campaign on Facebook and was gratified by the immediate response. For those who have missed previous mention--and at the risk of repeating myself for others!--the book is called Persist: In Praise of the Creative Spirit in a World Gone Mad with Commerce. Its intention is to hearten creative people of all kinds to "persist" in the work they're given to do, despite a cultural climate that too often rewards only celebrity and proven commercial success.

It also proposes practical strategies for redefining what real and lasting success is all about. The artist Roland Reiss, whose influence as a teacher is unparalleled in this community, calls the book "the first and ultimate survival guide for any creative person," one that "will heal your soul and help you find your way. All artists should keep it close at hand."

So today I write to ask a favor. Well, actually, several favors... First, I'm asking for your support in placing an advance order for the book.

I have not asked for help at this site before, so I'm hoping that you won't mind my asking for it now. I started writing an (almost) daily entry in The Buddha Diaries very nearly three years ago. Before that, I wrote an (almost) daily entry in The Bush Diaries, my first blog, which started in November, 2004. Some of my readers have been following me for more than five years, and I'm honored by your interest in what I write.

My blogs have been a glorious and personally rewarding giveaway, one thousand seven hundred and twenty-nine entries in all. Today is my one thousand seven hundred and thirtieth...

The book will be available in the coming week, and you can advance-order it NOW--this very moment, before you forget!--at Parami Press. If you've been a regular, or even an occasional reader of The Buddha Diaries, I'm confident you know that the writing is good, the ideas worthwhile, the voice authentic. Think Christmas! Dare I say... buy an extra copy, for a friend?

The second favor is to give the book a mention on your blog, and/or forward some mention of it to your own email lists. I know that many readers of The Buddha Diaries have their own blogs, and that their interest would be invaluable in helping me spread the word. Others have friends and associates in the creative world, who might be interested to be informed. My immodest goal is to start a fad, a trend, a movement...!

If you have a Facebook page--and don't most of us, these days? We so easily get hooked in!--you'll find a page that's dedicated to Persist; and word will also go out via Twitter. I'd love you to be a "fan" or a "follower", and join in the dialogue. I already have thoughts of a revised and expanded version, incorporating response.

And finally... so much to ask! I'm already beginning to schedule dates for speaking gigs next year. If you have ideas for venues, I'd be grateful to hear from you. My email address is all over this site, if you click around a bit. I'm NOT trying to make huge profits, either from the speaking dates or from sales of the book. As I've said many times in many different contexts, my goal is more simply to reach out and touch the lives of those with whom I share this planet Earth. I'd MUCH appreciate your help.


Robin said...

Congrats once again ..

Robin said...

I have also put up a link at the top of my side bar

Jean said...

I'll certainly be buying a copy and reviewing it.

I'm sure you have other blog readers from outside the US who will want to buy your book, so you might want to ask your publisher to give international shipping details on their website - at present anyone wanting to order from outside the US has to email them for details.

Good luck with the book launch - I can't wait to read it!

PeterAtLarge said...

Thank you, Robin! Thank you, Jean!