Thursday, July 29, 2010

George: the Up-Update

Well, it has been a week since surgery, and George continues to do well. He went in for his seven-day follow up exam today and had a good report on his progress. We had hoped--we had been kind of promising him--that we would be able to remove the Elizabethan collar today but alas, that seems a long way off. We had been told, originally, "seven to ten days," and were being perhaps overly optimistic. The doctor who saw him today, though, is much stricter than the previous one. She says she likes to be conservative, and wants to keep the collar on until his next appointment--in two weeks! Poor George! The disappointment is ours as much as his, since he didn't understand our promises in the first place. Still...

(This is my first attempt with a Flip Cam video! Hope it works)

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