Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Busy Work

The body, of course, has a mind of its own. Mine decided that it was still in New York at 4 o'clock this morning. It woke up, ready for the day, and refused to go back to sleep as I nicely suggested. It will take a few days to readjust. I have heard that the body needs as much as one day for each hour of time difference.

I spent the better part of yesterday trying to unbury myself from the piles of accumulated business that is the familiar and dreaded sight on the return from a two-week trip. With modest success. The junk mail and the trash is cleared away, leaving mostly the things that really do need attention. It will be a while before I get to them all, and my impatience to be done is not helpful. I am not good at shoving things to the back burner. It all stays up front, and my mind will not rest until everything is taken care of.

Today, then, there is much busy work--and at the end of the day I am committed to attend the West Hollywood Area Artists' Happy Hour, with an invitation to introduce myself to the group and join in their conversation. It's always a pleasure and a privilege to get together with like-minded people, so I'm looking forward to the event, with the hope that the energy will kick in to insure that a 4AM start will not take a toll.

The Buddha Diaries continues to pay the price for my fatigue. Please be patient!

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mandt said...

Welcome back! We always enjoy your trips and never get jet lag!