Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home Again...

We're back in Los Angeles. Arrived home late last night to heaps of mail, and a huge catch-up job this morning. We woke yesterday in Stockbridge to find something white on the ground...

... not sure if it was light snow, hail, or sleet. Here's the view from our breakfast table:

We drove back to New York City through an unpredictable mixture of all three. Plus some rain, and freezing rain. At one point, for a few minutes, it looked like a regular blizzard.

Back in the city, with hours to go before our plane was due to leave in the evening, we wandered the windy streets for a while on the Upper West Side, feeling cold and adrift. Had a so-so Italian lunch on Columbus Avenue. Then back to our soon-to-be niece's apartment for a wonderful reiki treatment, very restorative of balance and a relief for the bad back...

And off to JFK for the flight home. United Airlines, again. Don't ask. More when I recover a measure of sanity.


TaraDharma said...

Big change of weather in So Cal, yeah?

I have had horrendous experiences flying United from JFK. I open my heart and extend compassion to all who must fly on commercial airlines these days! It is an ordeal.

Welcome home.

CHI SPHERE said...

Welcome home to the sun and dry dessert air.

I've aways associated United with untied because of their ability to remain at loose ends. My old MacBook lap top is still somewhere in a untied United storage facility in upstate NYC. They reimbursed me $412 after a year of letters and complaints.

Untied and untidy they are un-United!

Get a train next time so you can read and sleep. It takes 36 hours and will spice your love life.