Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm watching (a recording of) the royal wedding, and am surprised to find myself so emotionally engaged in the whole thing. Perhaps it's the British genes. The royal family played a big part in our collective lives when I was growing up, during the war, and the respect I learned for the King and his family at the time has survived in some hidden part of me. I'm well aware, of course, of the subsequent scandals and fiasco that have plagued the Windsors in recent years, and share the skepticism of the privilege they enjoy. That said, the two princes, William and Harry, do seem to understand that service is the necessary concomitant of privilege. They seem capable of both seriousness and exuberance.

There is, too, something uplifting about simple celebration. In a world where there is an ample supply of doom and gloom, it's heartening to see people celebrating a happy occasion...

As I think you know, I have a booth (#344) at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this weekend, so unless there are two very slow days ahead, I'll not be posting until Monday. Have a great weekend. And wish me luck!

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mandt said...

"These are two young people very much in love." that says it all!