Thursday, April 28, 2011


I posted some not terribly original thoughts this morning on Vote Obama 2012 about the President's rightfully exasperated release of the "long form" of his birth certificate yesterday. The rest of the world--at least those parts of it not too busy with their own crises to care about what happens here--must think that America has finally lost its collective mind.

Are we a lost cause? What will it take for us to come to our senses? At a time when we are beset with challenges as great as any since the Depression and World War II, we are childishly playing chicken not only with each other, but with the stability of the world, the survival of our species and the future of the planet.

No wonder the President is "bemused." That's to put it mildly. Please consider joining me with a voice of reason on my new blog. I don't want it to be "mine." It's too important, and too big for me alone.

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