Monday, November 28, 2011


... I'm thinking. Best thanks to those who responded to my entry yesterday, either by comment or by email. Please come back when I've found out what it is I need to say.

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CHI SPHERE said...

Are we constantly recycling our matter in different conscious and unconscious forms. Are we permutations of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen etc. Is humankind the only thinking being in this plane of existence? Are there multiple overlaying realities that operate simultaneously
unseen by each other as string/worm hole entities? Life does not seem linear: Past, present and future. When I see I only gloss over a finite percent of matter. I embody transformed atoms in this temporary body. I'll decay but "they, the atoms, will recycle into the air, soil and water. When I eat a potato past generations pass into me and back out as speech, methane, movement, heat etc. No beginning or end. I/We have always been here before.