Saturday, January 21, 2012


(Posted today in Vote Obama 2012. It's time for me to pay more attention to this other domain!)

Today is the South Carolina primary. I listen to the words of the Republican candidates with incredulity: they have been pushed so far to the right that they have left the realm of reality way behind. For any rational, thinking, even moderately compassionate mind, there is no contest between anyone of them and President Obama. Stephen Colbert's initiative as a stand-in for Herman Cain is not merely funny; it's a timely, continuing and essential reminder of the dangerous absurdity of the way in which we have come to elect our public officials. His "super PAC" neatly skewers a system that allows money and power to buy political influence; and his mock conservatism brings the bright light of satire to bear on the heartlessness--and mindlessness--of the right-wing fanatics. A vote Herman Cain is a vote for President Obama!

PS My wife, Ellie, is reading my book. She says it's pretty darn good. No bias, of course. You should get a copy.

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claire browne del mar said...

I'm enjoying your book very much, Peter.