Thursday, April 12, 2012


I find it ironic that George Zimmerman wants--and will get--a fair trial. Having listened, endlessly, to the replay of the various 911 tapes, it's fairly clear that at the very least a fair trial is not what he afforded the young man who fell victim to the weapon he was permitted to carry, and use with deadly results against an unarmed youth. Trayvon's parents have handled their grievance with remarkable dignity and restraint, as have those who have joined them in demonstrating for Zimmerman's arrest. A sad affair, indeed. My hope is that it will lead to the sober reconsideration of some of the NRA-driven state laws that make such situations not only possible, but likely. The political power of this organization is outrageous, as are their initiatives to expand the availability and carrying of guns. Shame on us, that we allow them so much power over our very lives.

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