Friday, April 13, 2012


At the risk of repeating myself annoyingly in a spate of emails and social network invitations, may I take this opportunity to remind you of my "One Hour/One Painting" session at LA Louver Gallery, next Tuesday, 4/17, at 6:00PM.

One Hour/One Painting is about "slow looking." Participants are invited to sit with me in front of an art work for a full hour. I do not "talk about" the work but simply act as a guide to process of looking at it. The hour is spent part in closed-eye meditation--I provide an easy introduction for those unfamiliar with this activity--and part in open eye contemplation. I have been offering these sessions for more than ten years now, at numerous museums and galleries, and the response has been reliably enthusiastic. People enjoy the opportunity to slow down in their lives, even if only for this one hour; and come away feeling at once enriched by the experience of the art and relaxed from the inner quiet they manage to achieve.

The subject of the LA Louver session is the artist Frederick Hammersley. If you are in the Los Angeles area I warmly invite you to consider joining me. Places are limited, but there are still some available. You will need to contact Christina at LA Louver Gallery; please see below or contact me at for details. There is an attendance fee of $25 per person.

One Hour/One Painting
Tuesday, April 17th, 6:00PM
LA Louver Gallery
45 N Venice Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

Please RSVP to
OR call 310-822-4955

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