Saturday, April 14, 2012


(If my invitations have somehow escaped you until now, please consider joining me for a "One Hour/One Painting" session next Tuesday. Details here.)

Here's something worth knowing about, if you're in the LA area; and worth broadcasting to friends and colleagues. There's a lively pocket of arts activity in the Eagle Rock-Highland Park area, which is off the beaten art trek and less well known than it deserves to be. I'd be tempted to say it's where the real arts activity takes place, because the lesser known artist can afford to live and work here, and small gallery operations can show their work with less concern for the huge monthly overhead that their counterparts in Culver City, say, or Bergamot, have to meet.

Now there's a fundraiser/auction planned to support the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts. Here's the email that was forwarded to me from Megan Kadish, the organization's Public Relations Coordinator, along with links for further information:
Thank you for participating in our 10th Annual Art Auction Benefit! We are very excited about the body of work donated!

Now that we have so much amazing art for the event, we need your support to spread the word and attract the buyers!

This is our only fundraiser and we need your help to promote the auction. Below are links to our website, online auction, Facebook event page, and Facebook photo album. You can link directly to your piece from our Bidding For Good online auction and our Facebook photo album. You can also promote the auction with the attached pdf invitation.

This year we are hosting an online auction with Bidding For Good, April 9-19, 2012 (see link below).
NOTE: If you requested a commission for your piece, your donation is only available for bidding during the live event (this is because of Bidding For Good's auction fees). We will have Absentee Bidder Forms available for anyone who would like to bid on items but cannot attend the live event.

We hope to see you at the auction Sunday April 22, 2012 at 2pm.

Thank you for your support!
So I hope that those who are able will investigate these sites, and will help as best they can. One way to help is to forward the information, or re-post. Another way is to take action on the "Bidding for Good" pages. There's a lot of good work there, at amazingly affordable estimated values. Take a look. I'll be passing on word through my Facebook and Twitter sites also, and wish good luck to those who participate

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