Monday, January 7, 2013


I had a friend many years ago--a teacher, actually--who wrote a fine novel and had it accepted by a major publisher.  Arriving in New York to deliver the final typescript, he took a taxi from the airport--and left the novel in the cab.  It was his only copy (this was in the days of typewriters and, if you were smart and could put up with the nuisance, carbon copies.)  My friend rewrote the novel as best he could, attempting to replicate what he had written before.  After months of work, he resubmitted it to the publisher--and it was rejected.

My predicament today is not quite so horrific.  I wrote what I thought was a particularly fine entry about something I don't usually write about--music--which made it especially hard to find exactly the right words.  And when it was done, I lost it in the posting.  Pushed the wrong button, something...  I don't know what I did.  So now I'll be in the same dilemma as my friend, trying to replicate the words I wrote and get it right for tomorrow's entry.

For today, I have a head cold.  Which may have something to do with my clumsiness.  See you mañana.

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