Saturday, January 5, 2013


I was writing on New Year's Day about my inner debate between despair for our species and hope for a vast shift in human consciousness that would lead to a better and more compassionate world.  Those who follow The Buddha Diaries will recall my occasional mention of my sister's greater faith in that great change than mine.  So it seemed timely when, a couple of days later, I received from her this link to an interview with Dr. Eben Alexander.  Its subject is ostensibly his near death experience, but it expands into a paean to the possibilities of human consciousness and the value of universal love.  I hope I don't make it sound New Age-y, because really it's not.  Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon who knows more than most of us about the human brain and its functioning--and this from a hard scientific point of view.  His experience--and the wisdom he derives from it--is remarkable, and well worth the patience to follow the video through to the end.  I won't spoil anything for you, but I will say that the the revelation of the final minutes is at once intellectually astounding and profoundly moving.  I hope that you might be able to find a quiet hour to spend with this remarkable story.

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CHI SPHERE said...

I have shared the interview with many friends. I was moved deeply by it and want to thank you and your sister for sharing it. It confirms in great detail just how immense and complex is our brain and human consciousness. As we approach the inevitable cosmic transformation into the next plane of existence we wonder what awaits us all. This lucid and compelling recollection had my heart pounding and my mind transfixed.