Friday, July 11, 2014


If there’s one thing
on which Tortoise
and Coyote see eye
to eye, it’s that homo
sapiens is the least
sapient of species
on this planet Earth.
"Sapiens, my hindquarters!"
gripes Coyote.  "Erectus
we survived. Remember
erectus?  Like other more
civilized species, erectus
killed only to eat.  This
sapiens kills not only
other species, he kills
even his own.  Sapiens
lacks even the animal
sense to live in harmony
with his territory, as we
do.  And he regards us
with disdain, as though
we were some kind
of lesser beings!  Sooner
or later," says Coyote,
"homo sapiens will be
the end of all of us."

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