Wednesday, July 23, 2014



The world is too much
with us, Coyote recalls
from years long past.
Soon and late, or late
and soon, he jumbles
up the words, anyway,
getting and spending,
we lay waste our powers…
and then the rest is gone.
Sometimes, though,
he remembers the whole
thing, Maître Corbeau,
for example, sur un arbre
perché, that one.  There
is no rhyme or reason
to exlain remembering.
Well, sometimes maybe
rhyme.  Mostly, though,
it’s only snippets, like
the world is too much
with us.  Wordsworth.


In his good moments
Coyote brings to mind
the need to send out
thoughts of goodwill
and compassion to those
who, whether out of
ignorance or malice,
cause mischief in the world;
and not least to those
innocents who are made
to suffer in consequence. 

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