Thursday, September 11, 2014


Ellie had a nasty fall yesterday at a coffee shop in Larchmont Village.  As she reported it to me later, a rash, hasty move sent her flying, and she landed heavily with her hands reached out to protect her.  The worst damage is to one of her wrists, which we must have x-rayed this morning.  The prospect of a late-night visit to Kaiser emergency was not an appealing one.  Now there's serious swelling and a good deal of pain.  On the advice of one of our group members (we hosted our artists' group last night), we taped a magazine around the wrist to act as a kind of splint overnight, and it seemed to work well.  But it's time now for some serious medical attention.

One interesting sidelight: it happened that the actress Jane Lynch was at the coffee shop at the time of Ellie's fall, and she proved a wonderful Good Samaritan, rushing over to help and spending generous time to aid and comfort a fellow human being.  Ellie, of course, was in a state of shock, and much appreciated the actress's friendly intervention.  Jane told her that she'd had a premonition, driving over to the coffee shop, about seeing a woman taking a fall...  Strange things do happen in the human mind.

So now it's off to the hospital.  If anyone knows how to reach the actress, Ellie would love to have the opportunity to thank her.


robin andrea said...

Hope all is okay there and that Ellie has not broken anything. Sending best wishes for good outcomes.

PeterAtLarge said...

Thanks, Robin. Still bruised and hurting, but definitely on the mend. Sending good thoughts your way...