Thursday, September 11, 2014


Oh, come on!  Open the New York Times today--it's September 11--and in addition to Dior's you find these ads and pages 2 and 3: In Remembrance--Chanel; A Day of Remembrance, Gucci,;In Our Hearts and Thoughts Forever--Bloomingdales; A Day to Remember and Reflect--Tiffany & Co.

Am I alone in being offended by this?  The terrible memory of that day fourteen years ago remains unfaded, and it's certainly appropriate to "remember and reflect."  But the association of high end luxury items such as these with the fate of those nearly three thousand hideously murdered victims seems somehow obscene.

And I have mentioned those "moments of silence" before.  Can't we spare even a minute of silence, these days--not only for the dead, but for the families whose wounds will likely never heal?  I think we could give them a minute of our time at least.