Monday, September 15, 2014


This morning muffins
arrive unbidden in
the mind from wherever
they were lurking. 
Steaming with oven
heat, they tumble, fully
baked from the baking
dish, a whole half dozen
of them, crusty, brown
and aromatic. At which,
Coyote’s nose begins
to twitch, his taste buds
salivate. But one moment
passes, and they are
gone, the muffins, their
place unceremoniously
usurped by the next
uninvited mind-guest
that arrives full blown
from wherever it was
lurking.  Thus it is
always, Coyote learns,
not for the first time:
such lovely visions
come to mind, and go
and not one of us is
privileged to eat them.

1 comment:

kfsartist said...

that is quit a lovely piece to read early in the morning, before meditation.