Friday, October 10, 2014


The Pilgrim's Staff is up!  Can't wait for you to have your Staff in hand!

Okay, sorry about the pun.  I borrowed it from a friend (seem comments on Tuesday's entry in The Buddha Diaries.)

But seriously, the novel I have been working on for the past two years is finally available on Amazon.  To remind you: the book is about masculine sexuality.  The story is told in two voices: a contemporary, Los-Angeles based figure painter, obsessed with the human body, who also writes a blog; and an 18th century English gentleman, whose journal falls into the artist's hands.  What results is an exchange over the centuries between blog and journal.

Both men--somewhat like myself!--are now of mature years, looking back on the exploits of their youth and reflecting on the effects of the aging process.  Both--somewhat like myself!--are the sons of Anglican clergymen.  Both seek to engage in authentic self-examination.

A heads-up: there are unreservedly erotic scenes in this book.  But it is more of a picaresque romp than a romance.  It tries to be honest about sex, particularly the phalli-centric sex that gives men a bad name!  Above all, I trust that it's a fast, entertaining read--but one that is not without serious intent.

It is also, I believe, topical.  I say, only half-jokingly, that women liberated the vagina decades ago; it's time for men to liberate the penis (the "pilgrim's staff--an 18th century euphemism.)  In a culture where we hear so often about men behaving badly--abusive football players, child-molesting priests, campus rapists, wayward politicians...--a little frank talk about our masculine sexual obsessions is long overdue.

I hope you'll join me on an an entertaining journey in The Pilgrim's Staff.  And, if you enjoy it, pass the word along to friends.  We could all use the conversation.

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gregg chadwick said...

Congrats Peter! Just ordered two copies -
Excited to read the finished work.