Thursday, December 10, 2015


... supreme in America today. We see evidence of it everywhere around us. Delusion amongst the political candidates for President, delusion amongst their supporters. Delusion in the courts and on the streets. We live in a materialist society run amok, submitting willingly to the distortion of the original values that made this country the last resort of hope of those millions who migrated here to escape religious and political oppression elsewhere.

What's a Buddhist to do, in an environment where compassion is scorned as weakness and truth has become as readily disposable as soda cans? Practice compassion, I suppose. Keep telling the truth in all matters, large and small. Avoid condoning or perpetuating the lies that others tell... The eightfold path lays it all out in abundant clarity.

It's easy to surrender to a kind of general despair. I find myself doing that when I pick up the daily newspaper. Harder, though, to rise above it, to keep working to maintain one's own integrity, and simply resting there.

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