Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Here's the question: at what point will Republican obstructionism and contempt for everything but corporate interests and the welfare of the wealthy become so outrageous that American voters decide they've had enough?

It will take huge numbers of voters to undo the work of decades--sly, underhanded work to assure the shift of control in governorships and local and state governments; to persuade vast numbers of those susceptible to manipulation to vote against their interests; to appeal to the lowest racist instincts. It's clear that this has been no accident, nor even a normal swing of the political pendulum, but rather a conscious, carefully planned and executed effort on the part of a cadre of super-wealthy, super-powerful, super-secretive individuals.  We know who some of them are, but not all--a "vast right-wing conspiracy," if you like. Under the guise of "movement conservatism", it has taken the judicial branch hostage, as well as the U.S. Congress. Only the presidency remains uncaptured, to protect the interests of the vast American populace. And now the monied interests are doing everything in their considerable power to capture the presidency, too.

So here's the question, once again: how much can the American voter stand? How much absurd, insulting rhetoric from the mouths of the current bunch of Republican candidates for President? How much blatantly partisan obstructionism on the part of Republicans elected to the House and Senate? How much evidence of naked injustice and brazen economic inequality, before sufficient numbers of Democrats wake up and head for the polling booths--not just in November of this year, but in every election for the foreseeable future? Yes, for the bloody dogcatcher!

I admire the "political revolution" Bernie Sanders calls for. I admire that he has been able to generate such passionate response, particularly amongst the young. And yet... I believe it will take more than what he is proposing. Yes, it starts with the corrupting influence of money in politics and income inequality. But it goes far deeper than this; it goes into the American soul. The revolution that is needed is a revolution of conscience and consciousness, a demand for justice, reason and foresight in the affairs of humankind that transcends our personal--today, even our national--interests.

It's not just about money. It's about the survival of our species. America is in a position to lead the world--not militarily and economically, as it has done in the past, but in the march toward a broader consciousness of quintessential human needs and human values. As I see it, it has to start here. It has to start with the American voter. And before that happens, the American voter must wake up!

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Cathy said...

Agreed. It's going to take a HUGE ongoing social revolution.