Monday, March 21, 2016


We were lucky to catch the morning (well, I suppose midday, in DC) feed on the webcam recording the minute-by-minute activities of that bald eagle family. What an amazing privilege, to be able to watch this live, in real time. Magnificent birds, so far above all the human nonsense on the ground below them.

Our fellow living beings, it seems to me, are so much wiser in so many ways than our rapacious human species, though we look down on them with patronizing condescension, as though they were in some way our inferiors. We treat all territories as though they were ours to dispose of, monopolizing their use--and frequently their exploitation, at the cost of other species.

If we can't learn to be a little more respectful, Mother Earth will one day give a huge shrug of her shoulders, and rid herself of the greediest and most troublesome of her parasites, humankind. Or, to paraphrase e e cummings, human-unkind.

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