Thursday, March 17, 2016


Our neighborhood sitting group continues strong. There were a dozen of us, yesterday, gathered in our living room for a 40 - 45 minute sit. The group still seems to welcome guidance, so I led us through the first half, leaving others to work ahead at their own pace in silence for the last few minutes. And I made a point, at the very end, of suggesting an expansion of conscious attention and the spread of thoughts of goodwill beyond each individual--first to the group, then to the hill we live on, the city... and on to all living beings. It felt like we were spreading some needed thoughtful and compassionate energy in the world.

We talked, after the sit, of the difficulty of sending goodwill to the likes of Donald Trump. "I just can't wish him happiness," said one of our number--to general agreement all around. The point is, of course, that Trump needs those wishes more than most--as do his often fanatical followers. The "anger" that reportedly infects the minds of many of our voters is a kind of poison, for which the antidote can only be that difficult-to-share compassion. If it feels a bit like condescension, then so be it. I have to acknowledge my own share of anger--and not only at the political madness that grips this country and, increasingly, this overpopulated planet. It's personal. All anger, eventually, is personal; and hurts first and foremost the person holding it.

So let's first send metta to ourselves, in order to prepare to send it out to Donald Trump and all those who embrace his hateful policies and utterances. And to Ted Cruz. And the rest of "them"! Let's send lots of it to those obstructionist Republicans, even as we send it out to those with whom we happen to agree. Let's be even-handed in the expression of our goodwill and compassion. It costs us nothing but a small piece of our ego. And we can be sure that the entire world will benefit from a surfeit of these qualities, and will only suffer when they are withheld.

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What a generous idea. Though I do not know what "metta" is, what you are proposing sounds very similar to what Christians do daily in prayer.
However, as we pray God to lead us not into temptaion, even forgive our enemies", sinners that we are, I guess many pray Trump go to Hell and God have mercy on this world should he land in the White House instead!